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Online Lessons are better with an extra webcam for viewing the hands, and a simple Recording Bundle: "CD-HIM"

What does CD-HIM stand for?

Answer: The 4 main ingredients of a basic Home Studio or Recording Bundle.

  1. Cables for...

  2. Digital Workstation (DAW) - recording and production software (with editing tools). 

  3. Headphones - studio monitoring headphones.  Your headphones should not have a mic on them in this setup!

  4. Interface - This piece of hardware expands the abilities of your computer so that you can send signals to your DAW using professional mics and acoustic-electric or electric instruments signals, that wouldn't otherwise connect to your computer.

  5. Microphone - A studio condenser microphone is a mic with a capacitor that converts acoustic energy into an electrical signal.  It's used for more deleicate sounds like vocals

SAITOR 1080P Webcam HD.PNG
PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studsio USB 2.0 Rec
  • Digital Workstation (DAW) - Studio One Artist 5 recording and production software is probably the best entry level DAW with powerful editing tools by drag and drop.

  • Headphones - HD7 studio monitoring headphones.  Your headphones should not have a mic on them in this setup!

  • Interface - AudioBox USB 96 audio/MIDI interface with cable.

  • Microphone - M7 studio condenser mic is a very warm and decent quality mic with cable 


Ages 3-5


We use the principles Kodaly, Orff and Suzuki teaching to expose children to the language of music.


Soundastics is a fun, parent-accompanied online music program that offers positive exposure to music through fun color coded activities and musical storytelling! 


For the parents, the class will demonstrate how to use positive reinforcement to encourage your child's musical interest, and musical knowledge. Additionally parents will be given the tools to nurture good listening skills and good practice routines.


Ages 5 and up


This music program is for any age in piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, and cello. 

SoundFoundations combines all of the best features of the current method curricula so that your child covers all the relevant material by learning music they love to play. 

Throughout the SoundFoundations program, students can choose repertoire from their main musical interests such as Classical, pop, anime music, video game soundtracks, film music, music from their dance classes, music of their favorite bands, as well as Disney music and musical theatre numbers.


Prerequisite: SoundFoundations


This music program is for any age in piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, and cello.


Students do some great self-discovery through music in SoundArtists. Once they have built a strong foundation, they can learn music in different styles at a more rapid rate. 


It won't be long before the student gravitates to particular genres of music and styles of playing that they love to play.

Currently we can cater to specific to students with interests in Classical, pop, country, electronic music, anime music, video game soundtracks, music for dancers, fans of bands, as well as Disney favorites and musical theatre audition pieces.