Conservatory Programs for Piano

When considering conservatory programs for students, there are more options than ever before including contemporary, jazz, classical and traditional conservatory programs! Conservatory programs are demanding and therefore not for everybody.  Some people are really suited for it and still don't necessarily want to do it. There are great incentives for choosing this track, such as personal achievement, high school credit, festival competition and teaching opportunities.  Be sure that the student is prepared to commit to a practice routine when choosing this track.  I promise to do my part to ensure that my students have the most positive conservatory experience possible!

My personal favorite conservatory program is Conservatory Canada. CC has shown they have their thumb on the pulse of the modern student, which interests me and engages my students.  In my opinion, the RCM remains the most revered and respectable program by reputation, but I personally have seen many students lose their love for music in the midst of preparation for the exams, perhaps due to the more traditional nature of their program.  If your student has a flair for more contemporary music, the Contemporary Idioms program is the way to go.  I endorse it. Fully.  


Soundability Studios is even an official Calgary exam centre for Conservatory Canada! When it's time to take your Conservatory Canada exam, (Contemporary or Classical or both), you can either go to a centre near you, or can come to my home studio and go online with the sweetest lady ever from Conservatory Canada in Ontario, to play for her. She makes an examination a very pleasant experience.  Her name is Roxanne and I hope she keeps her job always, because she is wonderful. 


We simply connect my Roland GP-607 to her studio like MAGIC to do the exam remotely from my studio. This process is transferable to wherever you are yourself as well.  Also, if you are close by, I do aim to be a great exam invigilator!  So you know, your accomplishments are personally celebrated when this exam thing happens. This is as student's deep work and I want to do everything I can to encourage continued deep work in my students.  SOOOOO good for the brain, people. It's a character building, limit-pushing, intellectually challenging experience that ​just adds to you as a human in so many ways. 

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