Studio Policy

Please be sure to read the studio policy thoroughly as your registration is an agreement to abide by this policy.

Soundability Studios ensures that all its teachers are qualified and reliable independent contractors. For insurance reasons, if a student is under the age of majority, a parent or responsible guardian must be present in the home during a mobile lesson time. Teachers require a safe, non-smoking and quiet environment for mobile teaching. We ask that pets be kept in another room and that any possible distracting noise be kept to a minimum during a private lesson time. 

Cancellations of private lessons can be made by text or phone to the teacher or online in advance of a lesson. Teachers are not required to make-up cancellations or classes missed from a small group class. If a teacher has to cancel a lesson, the lesson will be made up. If a teacher comes to a lesson time but finds that there is nobody at home, he or she is only required to wait five minutes for the student and responsible guardian to return home before the lesson is deemed a no-show and the lesson is lost without a refund.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25 for all new students due upon registration. Registration for private music lessons is a contractual agreement for the duration of the remaining academic year which means that the student is committed to his or her lessons until the year end performance (before June 30th of each year). Registration and payment for music courses are nonrefundable.

Soundability Studios accepts email transfers to, post-dated cheques written to Soundability Studios, and payments made through PayPal. Teachers do not deal with payments or invoicing, so any financial discussions or concerns are addressed through the office. If a payment bounces, the customer is required to pay the amount in full as well as a $35 late penalty before the end of that month or lessons will be suspended until payments are back on track.  If there is a special circumstance as to why a payment cannot be made (not including lack of interest or motivation or conflict in another activity's scheduling), arrangements can be made ahead of time with the office. Installment plans are also possible. If you need to make a special payment arrangement, send an email detailing the circumstances to