Learning Music in 2020

Hello everyone,

Today I want to take a moment to let you all know that Soundability Studios is stepping up its game by offering more options for learning. I'll be ready for you come September no matter what the covid situation is!

My goal is to create the most effective lesson experience possible. That means I'm aiming to create the most inspiring and flexible experience for the whole family. Soundability Studios is blending the best assets of the traditional private music lesson with the best assets of online learning.

Each program includes a series of graded modules with personalized supporting video content. I will continue to build relationships with my students through video chat check-ins, positive progress reports, and online performance events to celebrate students' learning. I'm looking forward to when we can start having monthly in-person visits as well!

My modules are well rounded and include practical playing, sight-reading, ear training, fun current music and composition. Students will be able to review their modules as much as they need to learn the music - without having to wait until the next lesson to receive immediate feedback or have me demonstrate again! The module content will still be determined by the students' interests and playing level. We will also have an open forum for asking each other questions! I got you covered.

Parents, you won't have to drive in the winter, fight traffic, rush your supper hour or fight to untangle schedules with other extracurricular activities (Hint-hint to soccer, dance and softball families). I will help you with an appropriate tech-setup so that you only have to setup once for the year.

Depending on the bundle you choose to register for, programs can be as low as $50 per month this way! I am determined to offer your children an improved method of learning to play music at an affordable price so that more people can learn to play music... and love to play!

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