Whoo-hoo!!! You Chose the Piano!

Congratulations on choosing the most versatile instrument on the planet, and making a new lifelong friend! Your piano will always be there for you in good times and bad times, as long as you keep it. Just keep it. Or let me help you find something used for less, new for more - let's just get you setup.

You can do SO MUCH on the piano! The piano can give you a voice that you didn't know you had, and express emotions that you didn't know could be articulated.

It is by far the most visual instrument and is perfect for those visual learners out there. Oh, and it's also pretty great for kinaesthetic and auditory learners as well. It is THE perfect instrument for learning "music" at an early age!

If you have chosen the piano in your heart, but haven't engaged in any learning as of yet, please let me help! I LOVE to do this, it is my reason for being.

I am easily found at soundability.ca. I don't bite, and I don't pressure. I inspire!

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