Love to Play - Level 3B is a perfect online music class for children aged 10-13!   This program offers a combination of practical performance and fundamental literacy skills on the piano with plenty of fun supplementary modules including those composed by Karen Shepherd-Carmichael and some selections from Faber & Faber's ShowTime and ChordTime Piano Series.


Students will continue to learn to listen, recognize, and play music on the piano at their own pace. They will continue to learn about the geography of the piano, gain musical vocabulary, and strengthen their technique on the keyboard! 


For the parents, the class will demonstrate how to use positive reinforcement to encourage your child's musical interest, and musical knowledge. Additionally, parents will be given the tools to nurture good listening skills and good practice routines.

    SoundFoundations - Level 3B

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    Build a strong musical foundation, progress at your own pace
    C$75.00monthly/ 12 months
      • Seven Modules with video and live support for learning 10-30 short pieces
      • One 30 minute Private Piano Coaching Session per month
      • One 30 minute Online Group Music Class per month
      • Performance Opportunities
      • Personalized Progress Reports
      • **May begin Conservatory Track!
      • Hands Together Scales am, em and dm scales 

      • Primary Chords of am, em and dm 

      • Introduction to Form

      • Major and minor triads in root position

      • Major and minor triad inversions

      • 6/4 Time Signature

      • 12-Bar Blues

      • Swinging Rhythms

      • Circle of Fifths

      • Circle of Fifths in a Bass Line 

      • Musical Vocabulary

      • Technique Modules

      • Eye Training Modules

      • Ear Training Modules




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