Customized Programs

When you register for private online lesson programs with Soundability Studios, the teacher will learn what kind of music the student is inspired by and will follow the natural rate of progress each individual student. 

When you register for a group program, such as HomeSchool MusicSchool Class or a Soundability Preschool program, the teacher will learn the levels and learning styles of the students as they work together and adapt the program to suit them.

Styles of Music

Soundability Students can request to learn all kinds of different styles of music to learn, including Pop, Classical, Folk, Country, Contemporary, Jazz, Seasonal and more!


Conservatory Canada and Royal Conservatory of Music examination preparation are options, but are not required as every student enjoys different styles of learning and has different musical taste.  

Open Line

Soundability teachers are happy to work at finding what makes their students excited about music and help them fall deeper in love with music. Talk to you teacher about what you like to listen to, what you want to be able to play!  

We use MyMusicStaff to keep an open line of communication about homework and progress between the students' families and their teachers.  We can also share free resources through MyMusicStaff, and students can use the Practice Log to stay on track!

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