Small Strokes


 for Piano

In SoundFoundations for Piano, the student builds a competency and literacy on the piano at their own pace.  The program uses a combination of current popular method materials including:

  • Piano Adventures by Faber & Faber

  • Alfred's Piano method

  • Christopher Norton Connections

  • Christopher Norton's American Popular Repertoire & Etudes

  • Canadian collection Northern Lights

  • Conservatory Canada Pre-Piano Repertoire

  • Compositions by Karen Faye Shepherd

The SoundFoundations Curriculum is a comprehensive framework of practical playing, music literacy and musicianship music chosen with the taste of the student in mind. Because if the student loves to play, they'll practice away!

What's in a Soundability Month?

  • Four weeks of interactive video learning on the students' instrument 

  • Four weeks of interactive music literacy learning 

  • one private lesson (practical)

  • one group lesson (musicianship) 

  • one performance opportunity